Monday, August 15, 2005

Lucky Pod

Beginner's luck.

In fact, it's not even beginner's luck. Sissy's luck. Yeah...that's what we'll call it.

So the kid won the podrace. Psh. Big deal. I could have won that thing with three babes squished in there with me, not to mention being blindfolded. With one hand, too. In fact, I could have won the Boonta Eve Classic If I had to fly backwards the entire way(of course, with one hand, three babes squished in the pod, and blindfolded). I'd like to see Skywalker beat that.

He didn't start off too hot. That plastic thing he called a podracer had stalled. Clearly, the brat had no idea what he was doing. Pathetic. He even started jiggling random switches(which were only there for interior decoration, mind you) to make it look like he was doing something productive while he was just sitting there. It finally started to move when he began banging his head against the steering gears. Like I said; sissy luck.

It took him awhile to catch up with Sebulba. I like that guy. He's mean, and he shows no mercy, you know? Not to mention, he plays dirty.

If it weren't for little Skywalker running into Sebulba, the Dug would have won. The brat's wreckless driving tangled the their pods, and once they finally were freed of each other, Sebulba met an unfortunate end.

It was by pure luck that that little idiot won. Even the nerds analyzed the situation, and they declared that there should have been no possible way Skywalker should have won.

No matter. The probe droids brought back the info on where their ship was parked. That means it's slaughter time. By the time the hippie crew reaches the ship, I'll be there to meet them.

Finally, I get to slaughter some Jedi scum!


Blogger jedisiri said...

little starwalker is soooo great at it.aren't you,ani?

11:59 PM  
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Blogger flu said...

What are you gonna do with Thamuel and Merlin?

Can all three of you fit on that little vespa-looking speeder of yours?

Try it, let's see.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Anakin Skywalker said...

G, I'm the only human ever to win that race, so you best be steppin. If I weren't the best Jedi ever, I'd be the best pod-racer ever.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

drik some beer or take steroids before you fight the hippy (trust me)

6:46 PM  
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